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This is a built-to-order item that has a 1-2 week lead time to ship.


Save yourself a lot of time & trouble while installing your handbrake and StanceCo. Dual Caliper bracket kit!


This set includes everything you need to connect your independent Brembo handbrake calipers to your hydraulic hand brake with a Wilwood reservoir-type master cylinder.


Includes banjo fittings for both the calipers, master cylinder, appropriate lines, and a bulkhead fitting to pass through the spare tire well of your CTS/CTS-V.



  • PTFE inner hose with protective stainless braided outer cover
  • Zinc-plated fittings


Kit Includes:

  • 90-degree banjo fitting for a Wilwood handbrake master cylinder
  • Stainless steel braided lines for inside and outside the car
  • Bulkhead fitting for spare tire well pass through
  • Banjo fittings for OEM Brembo secondary calipers.