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The Resurgence of the Drift Sedan: JDM 4-doors

Last weekend, Club Loose hosted its second parking lot event of the season.  The goal of the “No Fear Moves” events is to give C-group (beginner) drivers a chance to come learn the drifting techniques, without having to worry about going off track or some of the more technical aspects of a road course track layout.

One thing I’ve noticed more and more of over the last year or so is the growing popularity of Japanese 4-door cars on the drift tracks.  In a world full of s-chassis cars and E36/46’s its refreshing to see these bigger sedans getting thrown around with their JZ, LS, etc powerplants.  Some may say they are heavy boats and some may say the long wheelbase makes the car easier to control around the corners.  That is up to the drivers to decide.

Our good friend Scott Hastings was at the event and nailed it with some shots of some rad Japanese sedans that we in attendance, along with a bunch of other cool shots you can find here.

This blob-eye Subaru is definitely a unique one.  On top of being a sedan, it’s an AWD car converted to RWD.  Still using a Subie drivetrain, this thing was ripping around the track and appeared to be a pretty well-built car.  Props to the AWD guys that are determined enough to convert their cars and get out on track!

These two Lexus IS300’s were still sporting their NA 2JZ powerplants but were tearing up the skidpad layout.  Both being cars that I remember as being more “stancey” builds, it was awesome seeing them being used in a more functional environment.

The last sedan that really stood out, was good friend, Geoff Stoneback’s JZX100 Toyota Mark II.  Geoff’s Mark II makes for a show-stopping streetcar and I never thought I’d see him bring it to a drift event.  Or maybe I did but didn’t want to think about him possibly damaging the beautiful example of a Mark II he has.  This thing SHREDS! The symphony of the 1JZ screaming as the car swings by leaving nothing but a trail of Achilles tire smoke.  Now I see how these things are so popular on Japan drift tracks! I hope we get to see more of this car soon on the road course.  ‘Till next time!

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