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Sliding into Golden Hour: Freedom Moves 2020

An S14 coming around the final turn of the XDC layout.

It’s always been a known fact that “Golden Hour” is one of the best times to shoot photos outdoors. The light colors, shadows, and dramatic effect that the sun casts among images really sets the vibe for whatever you are shooting.

An early Fox-body turning up some smoke into the sun.

Scott Hastings ( paid a visit to Raceway Park in Englishtown for Club Loose Freedom Moves. This year, Freedom Moves took place on Labor Day weekend, so there was an extra dose of freedom in the air.

Front Street Drift Club stacked up in the pits.

I personally was in attendance at the event this year and it was my first time drifting a Club Loose event since the pandemic hit earlier this year. One of the most notable teams in attendance this year was Front Street Drift Club from New York.

Front Street Josh’s S13 Coupe in the pits.

While the Front Street guys are regulars at E-Town, the whole squad was at this event and they were putting down some great driving!

3-piece SSR Wheels on Stoneback’s S15

While wandering the pits early in the morning, I saw a good friend of mine, Geoff Stoneback, rolling into the pit area with his blue S15. I thought he was only coming to hang out but then noticed the spare wheels in the back seat. Geoff was here to party.

Geoff chasing down Front Street Tom.

I still think he is crazy for doing so, but this just goes to show that a clean show/streetcar can still double as a track-ready beast that will drive you home at the end of the day.

Front Street Josh’s Coupe flying around tree turn.

The Front Street guys are known for having a large amount of style within their cars, and that’s pretty accurate. Whether they’re hucking it around tree turn or parked up in the pits, it’s impossible for their cars to not grab your attention.

Front Street Tom contributing to the smoke show of the final A-Session.

The sun began to set and “Golden Hour” was among us. The yellow/orange/pinkish hues filled the sky and A-Group took the track for their final session of the day.

Minimum Payment Racing (MPR) stacked up in tandem.

The course layout for this session was “XDC”. It is a high speed and adrenaline pumping layout that requires a lot of trust in your fellow drivers and muscle memory to navigate through the smoke.

Front Street and Bloodmasters drivers running XDC.

Every driver on track was getting after it. Lap after lap, drivers were stacking up in tandem and mixing up the groups in which they were driving. Usually, during the final session of an event, you leave it all on the table and push yourself and the car as hard as possible.

The craziest thing happened during this session, though – the wind stopped. Usually, at E-Town, a slight breeze will move across the massive road course and constantly move the tire smoke off the track to maintain visibility.

A total white-out of the Englishtown road course.

It was like nothing I have ever seen before – a total white-out. Smoke lingered and the track…disappeared. However, the roaring of the drift cars did not stop.

Gas Factory x Tire Stacks S13 navigating through the smoke.

These guys are absolute animals. To have the guts to keep the skinny pedal down when you can barely see 10 feet in front of you says a lot. It is the true connection between man and machine and having trust in the vehicle you are piloting, along with the drivers you are following on track.

It was nice being back at Englishtown for a Club Loose event, it had almost been one full year. We return on Halloween for Club Loose Haunted Moves, a yearly favorite of mine, and some of the other StanceCo. guys.

Koi Werks bringing out some fine examples of R-Chassis sedans.

Photos: Scott Hastings Words: Mike DeFusco

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