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Low Style Heroes Vol. 1

Back in the rig we went with drifter and good friend, Kenric Meyer, as we set out to Shenandoah Speedway in Virginia for Low Style Heroes Volume 1!

This event was a first of its kind at Shenandoah Speedway, mainly due to A-Bo-Moon, a Japanese drift crew, making an appearance.

A-Bo had his R32 Skyline shipped to the United States a week prior to the event so that he would be fully prepared to shred this back woods, Virginia track.  The car possessed its own sense of style, which was fitting to the name “Low Style”.

The R32 wasn’t the only Japan specific car at the event either.  This JZX100 Chaser had me drooling all weekend.  As one of my favorite Japanese cars, this JZX100 was a fine example!  Wider and lower aero, well fitted wheels and a beefy front mount gave this car the tasteful, yet aggressive stature that it needed.

Spare wheels and fresh sets of rubbers seemed to be present at everyone’s pit areas.  In this case, Kenric’s Cosmis wheels sit with some Achilles ATR Sport tires, ready to be burned off.

Justin Woo, Virginia local, was piloting his LS1 powered Subaru WRX that has since been dubbed the “WOOBARU”.  Outfitted with a GM power plant and suspension components from various Nissan chassis’, Justin’s WRX is a wild build that was awesome to watch sliding around the track.

240SX’s were plentiful at the event, just like any other drifting event, but there were so many different variations in body panels, power plant configurations, etc that seeing a 240 did not get redundant.

This FC RX7 was still rocking a rotary engine, which seems to be less common these days.  I managed to grab these shots shortly after a wall tap took its toll on the rear bumper.

As the sun set below the Virginia mountains surrounding the track, night drifting picked up and the party definitely did not stop.

Underglow, strobe lights and more were turned on the further accent the “style” aspect of the event.

The following morning we were greeted by the remains of the previous night’s party.  Another day of drifting was ahead of us.

Kenric and the JZX100 were two cars that were consistently killing it out on the track.

During a break in drifting, we were able to snap some photos of Kenric’s E36 that you will see in an upcoming feature.

 Overall, the event was awesome.  Despite some rain here and there, we were able to enjoy some good drifting and good friends.  That’s what it is all about.  I was also able to get some seat time in the passenger seat of Kenric’s car, which made the event even better for me (see video below).  It had been a while since I was at a non-competitive drifting event, so it felt good to be back in the laid back environment that revolves around such an event.

A big thank you goes out to SwingSet, LLC and all others that helped put on this event.  You guys killed it!  See you all next year!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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