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Formula Drift – The Pits of Orlando

In the land of shredded tires and high revving engines, we bring to you Formula Drift.  I ended up vacationing Florida during the same weekend that FD Orlando was taking place, so I couldn’t pass up the event.  After all, who knows the next time I’d be able to experience FD Orlando again!

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It was a vacation after all, so I wasn’t too concerned about what kind of coverage I was shooting of the actual drifting, but instead I hit the pits with my camera to see what the Orlando auto scene had to offer.

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Sitting front and center, an Audi R8 greets the guests as they enter the pits with the Nexen tire tent.

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Red powdercoated Rohana wheels, Nexen tires and air suspension give this Audi a clean, yet aggressive look.

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This Liberty Walk GTR also stole the attention of many throughout the day.

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The aggressive front splitter, bright green wheels and custom wrap really gave the car a unique look compared to the average GTR.

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Next up down the main isle in the pits was the Air Lift Performance booth.  Featuring an orange wrapped Porsche and red IS300, the bright colors stood out from across the pit area.

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Outfitted with Rotiform wheels, the Porsche was able to achieve a tucked stance when laid out on the Air Lift System.

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The IS300 was equipped with some rare Veilside wheels and was able to fit them fender to lip with the assistance of the Air Lift kit.

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Stopping by our friend Chelsea Denofa’s pit allowed us to get an up close look on the 2016 build for the first time.

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Chelsea’s car is a great example of a well built FD car with tons of work involved to make it a strong competitor in the series.

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This RHD Japenese “mini truck” was also spotted in the pits.  It’s the perfect vehicle to haul tools and tires from the pits to the tarmac.

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Like mentioned before, we didn’t go to this event stressing over coverage, but we did want to share the photos captured with you.  Enjoy the rest of the set below!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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