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Club Loose Opening Moves 2016

It has been quite some time since we were able to cover a local drift event – 1 year actually.  After taking the year off from attending Club Loose events, we were happy to get back out there on track for the kick off to the 2016 season!

Opening Moves 2016 (2 of 72)

Upon arrival in the morning, the sky was wide open.  Filling the track and pits with water, there were still plenty of dedicated drivers willing to tough it out until the rain subsided.

Opening Moves 2016 (3 of 72)

The tech line was a long one this year, but once all of the cars passed, it was time to hit the track and see what could be done in the wet conditions we had to work with.

Opening Moves 2016 (12 of 72)

While slower driving took place during the wet hours of the day, it gave drivers a bit of a challenge once the track was filled with both wet spots and dry spots.

Opening Moves 2016 (14 of 72)

However, once the sky completely cleared up and the track dried up, we finally were able to see some tire smoke!

Opening Moves 2016 (35 of 72)

Opening Moves 2016 (43 of 72)

It was surprising to see the large amount of cars with LS swaps in them this year.  The growing popularity of the swap and cost of running such a drive train has turned many enthusiasts in favor of the classic push rod V8.

Opening Moves 2016 (61 of 72)

We did see one swap that caught us by surprise.  This Ford 302 was planted in one of the Minimum Payment Racing 240’s and sported a turbocharger running 10psi.  After speaking with the owner, he informed us that the car made around 350whp on the dyno – plenty to get this car around the track.

Opening Moves 2016 (10 of 72)

A couple walks around the pits throughout the day allowed us to get a close up look of many of the cars that we saw out on the track all day.  Custom builds, mechanical issues, and more were seen as we walked down the pit isles.

Opening Moves 2016 (54 of 72)

LosGoonies also had their usual display of cars around the stands for spectators to enjoy as well.  A couple of clean builds really caught our eyes.

Opening Moves 2016 (63 of 72)

As always, we had a great day both on and off the track.  It was awesome seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones as well.  Can’t wait for the next event!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

Enjoy the rest of our photos from the event below!

Opening Moves 2016 (72 of 72)
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