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The Catalina Wine Dragger 2013

Catalina Wine Dragger (1 of 5)

With a club name related to the famous motion picture, Step Brothers, it was only right for the guys of Yup!!! Truck Club to name their first show in a similar fashion.  While many hit the road for H2Oi 2013, we stayed back to support our good friends of the club that have supported us from the start and been like a family for years before the creation of StanceCoalition.

Catalina Wine Dragger (6 of 45)

At 8:00am Saturday morning, September 28th, Steph and myself hit the road to Quakertown, PA where the event was being held.  Upon setting up, we couldn’t help realize the large amount of show vehicles lining up at the registration tent upon entering!  This is Yup!!!’s first solo show, so no one knew exactly how the turnout was going to be.

Catalina Wine Dragger (16 of 45)

An hour into the event, the paved lot section was filled to the brim!  Cars and trucks were backed in as comfortably as possible and the show had officially begun.  Throughout the day more vehicles overflowed onto the grass and even the spectator lot was filling up quite fast!

Catalina Wine Dragger (18 of 45)

Our booth was constantly busy as Steph was selling our decals and PhlyDentity clothing.  Although we don’t focus a lot on the mini-truck scene, it is always a great time coming to these events and seeing how much respect we get from such a different scene!

Catalina Wine Dragger (34 of 45)

Catalina Wine Dragger (1 of 1)-5

The quality of the builds that were in attendance at the show was amazing!  So much blood, sweat, and tears went into the show vehicles displayed.  We were lucky enough to bring home a first place trophy with the Camry in the “Under Construction” category!  Hopefully when we return next year with the 3000GT we will take home something else!

Catalina Wine Dragger (1 of 1)

Catalina Wine Dragger (36 of 45)

All and all, congratulations to the guys of Yup!!! Truck Club on such a successful event and we can’t wait until next year!

Photos/Written by: Mike DeFusco

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