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Bringin’ Down the Deficit

Dakota - StanceCoalition

American auto maker’s have had quite a hectic run throughout the last decade.  With America’s spending problem & the assumption that the domestic products aren’t build they way they should, Dodge has had quite a resilient past in terms of their durability and build strength in its trucks.  Mike S. is a proud owner of a 2000 Dakota R/t and has a lengthy story to tell it’s past.

She sat a pearly red that made mouths water as they passed by in the dealer parking lot.  Mike was lucky enough to have this beauty catch his eye.  He purchased the truck early in 2000 with the odometer readin a mere 1,000mi.  It would take him some time to dig up ideas on what to do with the truck but overall, his idea would be to build one of the most wicked, badass trucks around.

Dakota - StanceCoalition
Dakota - StanceCoalition

Ever since Mike was a kid, he loved the mini truck scene.  His family & friends would be his support system throughout the extensive build process.

Year’s later, he would join Acrophobia and his ideas would morph into something that many would dare not touch.

Dakota - StanceCoalition

His buddies Pozzi & Luke always seemed to have Mike’s back throughout this build.

The future is unseen as to if this ride will forgo any other changes…I mean honestly, what else is there to do??  It’s a build of perfection.  Just damn clean.

As per other projects, Mike has a few more tricks up his sleeve.  Stay tuned for Acrophobia’s build’s and Mike’s artisan touch to whatever he encounters.

Dakota - StanceCoalition


Suspension / Wheels

-Boz Alloy 20×8 front 20×8 rear wheels

-Full Air suspension

Body / Interior

-Shaved Rear / Door Handles / Window Washers

-Custom HOK Orion Silver Paint

-Fully painted dash & other misc interior pieces

-Leather w/ Grey dyed Ostrich Leather insets

Engine / Drivetrain

-360ci Intake


-Flowmaster Undercarriage Exhaust

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